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 Our Strength
  1. Experienced Management Team
    Our experienced Management Team caters to some of the best Corporate Clients, Professionals and VIP’s, and is totally equipped to make your experience with us a very luxurious one.

  2. Best Aircraft Fleet
    Our Aircraft Fleet is young and kept in impeccable condition with regular engine/safety checks and Airframe checks. With special emphasis on Passenger safety and comfort our internally laid down procedures are strictly adhered to.
    Whether you require a Small, Medium or Large Jet – they all boast of Ultra Luxurious Interiors. The Large Jets are equipped with Full Service Galley and bar.

  3. Extremely Experienced Aircrew
    Our Pilot’s in Command are the best in the business. They have extensive experience on the aircraft they fly over and above total experience. Regular training schedules as per stipulated guidelines are strictly complied with. Cabin Crew is also trained and qualified for the Aircraft they fly and besides the usual safety training they also get specially trained to serve VVIPs.

  4. Client Service Philosophy
    Since we believe in building long-term relationships, the entire focus of our operation is to ensure that we are able to source and secure the best available aircraft for our client taking into account their needs and budget. The fact that 75% our business is repeat business says volumes about our Customer Satisfaction Emphasis. Passenger Profiles are made before every flight and updated with customer feed back after the flights to make sure that repeat trips with us are made more comfortable.

  5. Ability to provide exclusive medical and casualty evacuation charters
    We provide specialized charters for emergency cases through specially configured aircraft and Helicopters. Life saving equipment is carried on board and a highly trained and experienced medical team with a doctor is provided on board depending on the requirements.

  6. Adventure Flying/Charters
    If you are looking for a Holiday full of adventure and fun, we can organize it as a complete package. From Micro light flying to hang gliding or just fun flying as long as you want to be airborne for fun - we can arrange it. All this would be under Qualified, Government approved Instructors with approved facilities and aircraft. Our experience has shown us that this has proved to a great tool for enhancing team work in the Corporate environment. The experience offered in a 3-D activity like flying is far superior to other regular team building exercises.

  7. Extensive local Knowledge and Liaison at Airfields within India
    One of the partners at ASAP is an ex fighter pilot who has operated at over 36 Airfields in India. Extensive first hand knowledge of various bases allows efficient planning which often translates to savings in terms of both money and time for the client.


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