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 Air Charter Services


ASAP is a HART Aviation (An Australia based, renowned, Aviation Audit company)  audited Air Charter Service provider with expertise in both National and International charters. Here too the focus is to understand what aircraft fits the client’s requirement and thereafter make the same available for his travel. The endeavor is to provide an aircraft of recent vintage at the best price. The customer is profiled for his likes and dislikes and an environment is created in the cabin to make him comfortable accordingly. Additionally we are also engaged in cargo and utility charters. ASAP has 20+ aircraft that it manages and is affiliated to for charters and most of these are also independently audited for safety and procedures. We have a track record of 100% on time performance with various customer testimonials for excellent services.


Jet Charter gives you an edge over your competitors.

  • Private Jets can go into 10 times more airports than Commercial Airlines.

  • On Average, Commercial airplanes are over 25 years old, Private Jets are usually newer.

  • Jet Charter Flights are booked based on YOUR schedule.

  • Avoid spending over 3 hours per flight in security lines, connections, checking-in or waiting for your luggage.

Sale / Purchase of Aircraft

We have a very transparent and simple procedure for buying or selling an aircraft. You negotiate the final deal. We just enable the process. You are in control of the process at all times and we assist you at every level.

Air Charter Services

From choosing the right aircraft for your needs and taking you to the closest airport for your charter to designing a special menu for your taste we make sure that you feel comfortable and special when you charter with us. A.S.A.P offers unprecedented customer service and competitive pricing on a wide and remarkable selection of aircraft. Through our extensive network, we accommodate your needs and desires to go anywhere on almost any aircraft.

Safety Audits and Certifications

With FAA and DGCA certified Safety Auditors we can assist you to make sure your operations and aircraft are 100% safe and well managed. These audits cover the entire gamut of Aircraft Operations extending from the basics to maintainence procedures, record keeping and Crew Certification and checks.

Air & Ground Crew Placements

Whether you are looking for Ground or Air Crew we can help get your operations streamlined. Our extensive data base brings you the crew most suited for your requirements. Shortlisted candidates are sent to you only after due diligence and screening at our end, thus assisting you to hire the best crew in the shortest possible time frame.

Medical Evacuations and Charters

Our Experienced Medical Evacuation team is highly qualified to undertake all types of emergency and casualty charters. These charters can be organized on helicopters or fixed wing aircraft depending on the terrain.

Adventure Flying/Charters

If you are looking for a Holiday full of adventure and fun, we can organize it as a complete package. From Micro light flying to hang gliding or just fun flying as long as you want to be airborne for fun - we can arrange it. All this would be under Qualified, Government approved Instructors with approved facilities and aircraft. Our experience has shown us that this has proved to a great tool for enhancing team work in the Corporate environment. The experience offered in a 3-D activity like flying is far superior to other regular team building exercises. In addition special arrangements for para -dropping can also be made available.

International Luxury Charters

Whether you need to travel on business ,pleasure or to witness a special international event, we have the right Aircraft to fly you in luxury and comfort to any destination across the globe .The entire trip in terms of routing and stops, if any ,is organized in the most economical manner without compromising on comfort and safety.

Exclusive Golf Charters

Charters for Golf enthusiasts can be organized both internationally and within India. Our extensive tie up across various golf clubs allows us to arrange a perfect “Tailor Made” Golf vacation for you.


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