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Sqn.Ldr.Ashish Bhushan

  • Co Founder of ASAP

  • CAT A Instructor with IAF

  • Flown extensively across the Country

  • In depth Knowledge of Flight operations

  • Experience of operations out of nearly 36 Airfields in India


Sudeep Narula

  • Co Founder of ASAP

  • Chartered Accountan

  • Experience in Oil Rig

  • Extensive experience on
    Corporate Jets


         Product of the prestigious Indian Air Force Academy and Fighter Training Wing of the Indian Air Force. Prior to this he graduated from the equally prestigious   Shri Ram College of Commerce in 1989.

         Flew nearly 3000 hrs in Frontline Fighter Aircraft including the MIG 29.

         Became a CAT A instructor in 1997 and has 1250 hrs of Instructional Flying, occasionally training fighter pilots from the US, Sri Lankan and Oman Air Force beside training Indian Air Force pilots regularly. Became part of the directing staff at the Flying Instructors School.

         Had an exemplary record in his 12+ year tenure with the IAF and participated in various operational missions and 2 Republic Day Fly pasts.

         Took premature retirement in 2002 on compassionate grounds due to personal reasons and joined his family business of International Trade. Also set up an export oriented manufacturing project from scratch post his IAF tenure.

         Promoted ASAP with Sudeep Narula in 2003 recognizing that the time was ripe for the private aviation sector.

         Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India having qualified in 1992. Graduated for Shri Ram College of Commerce in 1989 with a bachelor of Commerce (Honors) degree.

         Worked extensively in the USA in the private aviation sector in 1994. Gathered first hand experience of working and providing charter services to Corporates and High Net Worth Individuals.

         Has experience of working on and flying to Oil Rigs in India and Abroad.

         Moved back to India in 1995 to start own business.
Has been in the Information Technology and BPO business for more than 12 yrs.

         Has brought a lot of International brands to India as part of his IT business. Was appointed as a Distributor for Dell Computer Corporation in India in 1997 and was responsible for promoting the Dell brand in India. Was appointed as a sole distributor for Gateway Computer Corpn. USA in the year 2000. Both the IT business and the BPO business involved extensive International Trade which greatly accentuated his business skills on a Global Front.

         Promoted ASAP with Sqn.Ldr.Ashish Bhushan in 2003 recognizing the market for Private Operations in the Indian Sky


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