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Whatever be your aviation requirements – we are there to help and assist. Our clients generally consult us from inception of the company and project planning to getting regulatory approvals and project implementation. Most clients entrust us with their entire aviation requirements and operation – having the piece of mind that Aviation experts are handling their work. Our expertise includes but is not limited to Aviation Safety Audits, Market Survey Reports and New Product introduction & launch.

Additionally a number of companies retain us for their Defense liaison and marketing. We have been engaged in a wide variety of projects where we have provided consultancy to some of the best names in business. The representation has been across the fields of Aviation, Military, surveillance and tracking equipment, Airport Management systems, Data Security/Encryption Products, Cell Phone & Bomb Jammers, RAT phones & Laptops, Bird/Animal scare/protection equipment at Air-fields etc. We have the experience of having worked with the IAF, HAL and Army Special Forces and enjoy great relationship with the Armed Forces. We are currently advising our clients on such projects as the MMRCA, Basic Trainer and MI 17 upgrade.


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