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ASAP helps and guides companies wanting to enter the aviation space right from project inception to project implementation. Our Research Driven methodology ensures that the client needs are understood and the aircraft selected is ideal for these needs. We detail the client’s need including and not limited to the number of passengers, the distance, area of operation and time etc required for the usual sorties and suggest some options to our clients. Once they have shortlisted the type we give them various options on type and let them choose what they desire. Our Global & Regional Practice groups ensure that the client get the best deal on the aircraft they want to purchase. Our focus is to help our clients source the right aircraft for their needs. The acquisition process thereafter is an integral part of our work from pre-buy of the aircraft to the delivery & operations stage.

Our procedures are totally transparent and the broad steps followed is given below:

  • Understanding the requirement of the Client
  • Analysis / comparative study of suitable aircrafts
  • Sourcing of aircraft/s
    • Prebuy 
    • Pricing
  • Inspection / Certification
  • Demo Flight
  • Documentation & Import
  • After sales arrangements including Leasing assitance, Ground handling, Air and ground crew sourcing, Support services etc.  

ASAP has introduced some revolutionary aircraft in the Indian airspace. These are the P-750 XSTOL, The CT-4 and the American Champion Aircraft. We are the exclusive representatives in India of The American Champion Sales Corporation (ACC) which makes the American Champion Aircraft.

The American Champion Aircraft has a rich history of Adventure and training Flying that extends nearly 80 years. It has six versions and capabilities that make it an ideal platform for Adventure and Hobby Flying. It is fully aerobatic and extremely robust with capabilities to land on a farm or on a water body with floats. The Aircraft can perform manoeuvres up to +6g /-5g. ACC makes 2 Aircraft per week and is a very popular choice with Aviation enthusiasts across the world. The American Champion uses a variety of engines of the extremely popular Continental and Avco Lycoming make for its six versions of aircraft.


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